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This One’s for the Guys

"My husband/boyfriend/dad needs this stuff!", I hear it all the time!  So, in response, I'm teaching an Alignment for Guys workshop February 28th (details below). I work primarily with woman, but corrective exercises, alignment principles, and natural movement apply to men too.  Other than our reproductive organs, men and women have the same basic anatomy & physiology.… Continue reading This One’s for the Guys

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“Alignment, Is That Like Posture?”

Happy New Year! I thought I'd start off 2014 by addressing one of the questions I was most commonly asked last year: “Alignment, is that like posture?”.   When I tell people that I teach alignment, what usually comes next is something like  "Alignment, is that like posture?" or “Oh, I need that, I have terrible… Continue reading “Alignment, Is That Like Posture?”


Specificity of Training (or, Why I Stink at Riding a Bike)

Holy Moly, it's been a crazy couple months. The blog writing "hiatus" started mid April when Matt was in the last month of school- writing a 20 page paper, applying to grad school, writing another paper, studying for finals, and living in the library. I thought I'd take a month off since we have one… Continue reading Specificity of Training (or, Why I Stink at Riding a Bike)