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I’ve never been a fan of blogs. When they first became popular, I thought “who has time to read about what happened to so and so at the store yesterday…and WHO CARES?” Seriously, I didn’t get the point of blogs. They seemed like a colossal waste of time.

Then I started reading Katy Bowman’s blog and found that, not only was it not a waste of time, it was fantastic. It was educational, witty and practical. I found myself grateful that she had taken the time to share her knowledge. Which brings me to where I am today, starting this blog, something I NEVER thought I would do, so that I can share what I have learned.

We are all busy people, I know that. In this digital age, it seems there is always an email to respond to, a picture to post, a blog to read, a text to send… My goal is not to create “one more thing” that you are obligated to follow. My goal is to help you, the reader, understand how your human body works. More specifically, I’d like to teach you the principles of optimal whole body alignment and give you practical steps towards pain relief and better health. I love to teach and hope you enjoy learning!

To read about how this blog and my business got its name, go here.

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