Restorative Exercise

What I teach:

I teach a combination of restorative exercise, alignment, and lifestyle/habit changes.  I teach people how to fill in their weak spots, so they have stronger and more functional bodies.  I observe people’s alignment and movement habits, prescribe apropreiate corrective exercise, and suggest new habits that support the changes they are trying to make.   Although I do teach restorative exercise, I also encourage more  movement in everyday life.  I especially enjoy teaching women to improve their alignment for better pregnancy, labor, delivery and recovery. There are so many ways these principles can benefit you in the prenatal and postpartum period! 

I am a Nutritious Movement® certified Restorative Exercise Specialist. The Restorative Exercise Specialist training program was created by biomechanist Katy Bowman and is based on the principles of physics, geometry, and engineering, and how these principles apply to human anatomy and physiology.  Since these concepts are based on science, rather than cultural norms, popular fads, or subjective measures, they are true for every human body.  The program is also based on the idea of restoring natural movement, which is the way humans moved before we had modern conveniences. (Things like cars, chairs, toilets or high heeled shoes that affect the way we move and use our bodies on a daily basis.) You can read more about my training and education here.


How this is different from other exercise programs:

There are some similarities between this type of movement program and other things you might have tried, but there are also some key differences.   I pay close attention to objective alignment points in assessing range of motion and use those same points to keep exercises safe and effective. This is more than just an exercise program. I also teach you to move differently. Changing HOW you move– how you sit,  stand, & walk–is one important component of this. Factors such as what type of shoes you wear, how much you sit, and other activities you participate in also have profound impacts on your health, so I address those too.

Screen shot 2013-12-03 at 1.58.36 PM
The 25 Points of Alignment, as described by Katy Bowman, MS.


Many of our  common aliments have mechanical causes and can, therefore, be treated and prevented by changing our mechanics. You can heal your body by changing how you move!  

Back/neck/hip/knee/foot pain



Specific issues of the spine (degenerative disk disease, bulging/herniated discs, scoliosis)


Plantarfasciitis, bunions & hammertoes

Edema (swelling)

Poor circulation




Diastasis Recti

Fetal position & birth preparation

Cardiovascular disease

“Brain fog”

Athletic performance

Balance & agility

Constipation & diarrhea

Pelvic floor disorders (menstrual cramps, pelvic organ prolapse, urinary incontenince, prostate issues)


Get started today!

Contact me to schedule an introductory session & evaluation. You can also start right now, by taking an online class or reading these articles.



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  1. Have been enjoying Katy Bowman’s books,

    Wonder where you are located? Fees?

    Other Katy Bowman certified trainers around town?

    Thank you!

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