After a few weeks of learning about alignment I felt more aware of my body, what hurt and what wasn’t quite right. Learning proper alignment helped me to alleviate some pains during pregnancy and in the early postpartum days. It has made me more aware of my body in general and made me more conscious of standing and moving more. I am really busy with 2 young kiddos but when I am able to fit in even 10 minutes of stretches here or there I feel stronger, leaner and more in tune with my body. It has changed the way I look at exercise and has made me more conscious of moving my body in different ways rather than the same run and lift weights sort of routine to be “fit.” I was skeptical to begin with but after learning more about it, I would want others to know that alignment is real and really helps!

– Brittany


I attribute a healthy pregnancy and relatively “uneventful” delivery largely in part to taking Taylor’s alignment classes. I felt so good during my 3rd trimester (while I was taking her classes)! Also important to note: Learning the basics of proper body alignment also helped my post-partum recovery. Because I stayed healthy and followed her exercise recommendations while pregnant, my body seemed to recover quickly.  I was even able to do some of the alignment exercises a week or two after delivery.  Taylor, you’re an awesome teacher and I recommend your classes to anyone who desires a healthy pregnancy, delivery, and recovery!!!!



I was 4 months pregnant & I could hardly walk because my lower back hurt so bad.  At 23, I felt like an old lady.  My midwife recommended I meet with Taylor, so I did.   In 1 month, my back pain was practically gone. Three months later, not only was there no more pain, but she’d also taught me how to have better alignment. I feel better now, and I look better.  What Taylor taught me were simple, innovative methods that changed my life.



Working with you has made my pregnancy a completely enjoyable one, without many of the symptoms that would typically make a pregnant mother feel incapacitated by her smaller range of motion in the third trimester.  Of course, I do have to be careful, but for the most part, I am able to go about my daily life without having to get people to help me do simple tasks like I have in my other pregnancies.  I am more active and feel much better prepared physically for the birth of this child than I did for either of my other two.  Thank you!



This pregnancy is way easier than my last! Even just keeping my pelvis as neutral as possible and focusing on keeping my arch in my back is a HUGE help now that babe has migrated downward. It really does make a difference, both in my comfort and in baby letting me know via kicks and punches when I need to give her more space.  I refer all my mama friends to you, you’ve been a great help! Thanks!


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