What’s New at Anthology Wellness

Hi folks, I know it’s been a while since I’ve written a new post.  Life has been busy, and this just got pushed to the back burner.  This post is here to let you know what’s new with my business and what resources are available.  There’s a real post (with pictures and everything) coming right after this, I promise.

Thank you for your interest in learning how to restore your health through improving your body’s alignment.  It’s an honor to help you reach your goals and live an active, pain free life.  I’ve started two new methods of communication: a newsletter & an Anthology Wellness Facebook Page. This is an effort to stay better connected with you and provide you with more options, so you can choose what works best for YOU.  

Perhaps you are wondering how the newsletter & Facebook page will be different than this blog. The blog tends to be mostly educational material. My intention for the newsletter is to highlight current classes, workshops & events, as they are constantly changing.  The newsletter will also include links to online classes and other tools to help you in your quest for better alignment.  The Facebook page will share helpful tips, quick facts, and relevant articles from myself, other Restorative Exercise™ Specialists,, and other health professionals. 

 I hope this helps you find the tools YOU need to help you on your alignment journey. You can use the links below to subscribe to the newsletter, read the most recent one or find me on Facebook.

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